Emerging Leaders

Call for Applications

Developed by M. Chadi Alraies, MD and CVC Founder Jaafer Golzar, MD. Emerging Leaders is a new component to CVC 2019. This new program is designed to identify and foster the growth of new leaders in Cardiovascular and Endovascular Medicine. Through mentorship, CVC Emerging Leaders will offer an outlet to share scientific research, challenging cases and progressive interventional techniques. To be eligible for this program all applicants must submit a recent CV and Challenging Case.

Submit your application for the CVC 2019 Emerging Leaders program using the links below.

  1. Download the CVC Emerging Leaders PowerPoint Template
  2. Create a presentation of your challenging case
  3. Upload your CV for review
  4. Upload your Challenging Case for review

Deadline for Submission is May 30, 2019.

Each submission will be reviewed by the Course Director.

For more information contact:

M. Chadi Alraies, MD at Chadi@cvcpvd.com


Download the CVC 2019

PowerPoint Template


Upload your CV


Upload your Challenging Case